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Young Adult Group

Welcome to St. Toma Young Adult Group


Our Story

Our group meets regularly twice a month on Saturdays at 6:30 pm for religious, historical, and general subjects lectures and other activities such as social gathering, trips, and networking with other churches.

Lectures are in Arabic and English.

Please see posts and updates from the youth committee on the page to be updated for all future events.

May God bless everyone

St. Toma Young Adults committee

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Meet The Committee


Aziz Khalaf

 Joined the St. Toma Young Adults in 2015, Aziz is marking this year as his 5th term serving on the committee!! His mission is to deepen the connection between the youth, their faith, and the broader community, encouraging a journey of spiritual engagement and leadership under the guidance of Jesus and God's teachings. Aziz's work is crucial in molding a future enlivened and driven by the vibrant spirit of young believers, aiming to reflect the love and wisdom of Jesus and God in every endeavor.


Dawood Shammas

Joined in 2021 and he is currently serving his second term as a committee member, bringing valuable experience, leadership, and new perspectives to our group. His vision for the future is inspiring! He passionately aims to strengthening our community and keep growing in faith! Dawood is looking forward to make a positive impact and outstanding contribution to our group.


Ivan Youssef

Joined in 2018, he embarks this year on his third term as a committee member. He is eager to use his skills and passion to work alongside the church’s young adults, creating meaningful opportunities for coming together, growing in faith, and making a positive change. He strives to build a future where everyone feels valued and supported, and where the light of Jesus shines brightly in their hearts, guiding them toward a life of purpose and service.

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