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St. Toma Syriac Catholic Cathedral



St. Toma Syriac Catholic Church is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Eparchy in the United States who is pastored by his Excellency Mor Barnaba Yousif Habash. The parish is located at 25600 Drake Rd,  Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335.

The parish is now served by: Fr. Muntaser Haddad (Rector)


As part of the Universal church, our parish looks for transforms the gospel to the new generations and the community surrounding it. The parish tries to reveal the mestiry of faith in Jesus Christ and hope and trust of his real presence in its midst and living this faith and hope in the act of od Love that is revealed in the many activities in the parish and Peoples Daily life.


Most of the parishioners are Iraqies, left their country seeking jobs, Study and mostly because of the persecution they faced in Iraq and also because of the Social, Political and Economic instability in Iraq and the Middle East.


Parish History

Before Msgr Toma Azizo, the Parish was ran by Msgr. Mansour Matosha And they were using St. Beed Catholic Church for the Mass and other Activities.

In 1990 Msgr. Toma Azizo came to the United states and started his new mission in Detroit serving the Syriac Community and he was not expected that he will stay in this mission until today.

The parish moved to St. Michael Catholic Church and the parish was growing more as well as the activities.

After two years the parish bought a church in Farmington Hills and they started feeling that they have home.

Two years later, people started complaining, the church is small and can not include the large number that the community used to be. They started looking for another option in order to develop the parish more and more.

The bought a property from Arch Diocese of Detroit in Farmington Hills – MI where the church is now located.

During the construction the parish started using the banquet of the Knights of Columbus to celebrate the Mass and other Activities.

In June 24, 2000, Cardinal Mousa Daoud (diseased) the late Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church in the world hosted the ceremony of laying the foundation stone with presence of Bishop Joseph Younan the Bishop of the Syriac Diocese that time and Bishop of St. Tomas Chaldean Eparchy Ibrahim Ibrahim and large number of Priests and faithful.

In June 2002 the parish started the new page in its journey at the new church. The property includes a huge banquet for the parties and parish activities and one classroom for the Catechism and two offices and rectory of the priest. St. Toma Church is the first church owned by the diocese in the United States.


The parish used to be  served by:


Msgr. Mansour Mattosha ( - 1990) (retired)

Msgr. Toma Azizo (1990 – 2015) (retired)

Fr. Androws Habash (2015-2021) (pastor of Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Church - New Jersey)


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